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I am trying to compile Soundtouch library with Android NDK. I successfully installed Cygwin and SWIG required for Soundtouch library. When I try to run ndk-build.cmd, i am getting an error

jni/soundtouch/wrapper_wrap.cpp: In function 'void Java_com_talkingyeti_jni2_wrapperJNI_SoundTouch_1putSamples(JNIEnv*, _jclass*, jlong, _jobject*, jlong, jlong)': jni/soundtouch/wrapper_wrap.cpp:545: error: 'SAMPLETYPE' was not declared in this scope jni/soundtouch/wrapper_wrap.cpp:545: error: 'arg2' was not declared in this scope jni/soundtouch/wrapper_wrap.cpp:553: error: expected primary-expression before ')' token jni/soundtouch/wrapper_wrap.cpp:560: error: expected ')' before 'const' jni/soundtouch/wrapper_wrap.cpp:560: error: expected ')' before ';' token make: * [obj/local/armeabi/objs/soundtouch/wrapper_wrap.o] Error 1

This issue happens with the following block of wrapper_wrap.cpp :

  SWIGEXPORT void JNICALL Java_com_talkingyeti_jni2_wrapperJNI_SoundTouch_1putSamples(JNIEnv *jenv, jclass jcls, jlong jarg1, jobject jarg1_, jlong jarg2, jlong jarg3) {
  soundtouch::SoundTouch *arg1 = (soundtouch::SoundTouch *) 0 ;
  uint arg3 ;
  uint *argp3 ;

  arg1 = *(soundtouch::SoundTouch **)&jarg1; 
  arg2 = *(SAMPLETYPE **)&jarg2; 
  argp3 = *(uint **)&jarg3; 
  if (!argp3) {
    SWIG_JavaThrowException(jenv, SWIG_JavaNullPointerException, "Attempt to dereference null uint");
    return ;

Please suggest me what all changes I need to make on the SAMPLETYPE to compile NDK properly and to generate SO file.

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It's seem you missed a header. Make sure you have:

#include "soundtouch/include/SoundTouch.h"


using namespace soundtouch;
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have you integrated soundtouch library in your apps? –  Sreedhu Madhu Oct 25 '13 at 10:28
Yes, in an Android App which is to modify sound Tempo –  1mdc Oct 25 '13 at 13:55

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