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I plan to make a self-hosted blog. I am using Google App Engine for the hosting.

I wanted to know that every 'article' that I store in the database will be of which datatype? Should it be a simple String? Or any other specific datatype?

I code in java so answers are expected in java. Thank you :)

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From the list of properties and value types you should use Text string (long) if your text is up to 1MB cause the short version is up to 500 characters. If your text is going to be more than 1MB you will have to use Blobstore.

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The String data type has a size limit for persistence to the datastore using JDO. I do not know if other datastore interfaces get around this limit.

You might want to try the data type com.google.appengine.api.datastore.Text. Have a look at the GAE/J javadoc documentation for further details, so that you can decide whether this data type would be useful for you or not.

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