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In my Java Game, I have a method named update() which is called about 60 times a second.

With this, I am adding 3 to an alpha value for a colour each time it's called. But, I want it to keep on adding, then when it gets to 255, start subtracting, so the colour is flashing in and out. How could I achieve this?

EDIT: I just found a solution.

int alpha = 0;
int alphaB = -1;

if(alpha == 255) { // check alpha doesn't exceed limit
    alpha = 250;
} else if(alpha == 0) { // check alpha doesn't go below 0
    alpha = 5;
} else {
    if(alphaB < alpha) {
        alpha += 10;
        alphaB += 10;
    } else if(alphaB > alpha) {
        alpha -= 10;
        alphaB -= 10;
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Keep a counter using long, take the modulus, you don't have to worry about overflow as it will increase by 60 per second and your code needs to run for 292471208678 years before overflow.

long alphacntr = 0;
public void update(){
alphacntr += 3;
int alpha = alphacntr%256;
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