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Duplicate: I can't make SQSH 2.1.7 with freetds 0.91

I am trying to install sqsh for freetds (SQL Server) as per this answer. I installed freetds under /opt/freetds.

However, I am getting the following error building sqsh:

[noahlz:sqsh-2.4]$ sudo ./configure --prefix=/opt/sqsh 


configure: error: Unable to locate Sybase installation. Check your SYBASE environment variable setting.

I tried setting export SYBASE=/opt/freetds to no avail.

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This should help stackoverflow.com/questions/7491222/… Thanks & Regards, Alok –  linux_fanatic Sep 13 '13 at 10:44

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Do not use the sudo command to configure the build environment. Just run

export SYBASE=/opt/freetds
./configure --prefix=/opt/sqsh

I would recommend to add --with-readline as well. Then run

sudo make install

So you only need sudo when you want to install the product and need root authorizations to do that. Please note that a newer version sqsh-2.4 is available for download from Sourceforge.

HTH, Martin.

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On OS X I'd suggest:

brew install sqsh

Man, I love Hombrew.

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