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I have following file sample structure for my website:


My all other pages are in "www.website.com" I have a header.php for all pages located in "**www.website.com/header.php**".

Now I have created an another new directory as:


This internal index.php is also calling header.php with **"../"** But I can't get the images which are called from header file for it.

Image path is like this: **www.website.com/images**

Can anyone tell me the Solution without using absolute path?

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You may need to setup different <base> elements as needed by your system. For more information, read this –  DevlshOne Sep 13 '13 at 10:54

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Start the path with '/' (so without the '..') indicates that it should start looking from your root.

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I would recomend to use absolute path with predefined variable.

Something like this:

define('PATH', 'www.website.com')

and then use it


That way, you can migrate your web elsewhere and you wont have to solve rpoblems with incorrect relative path (like eg. if you will use AJAX)

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Hello Thanks but it didn't work yet. I put this code in my "header.php" <?php define('PATH', 'www.website.com') ?> <div id="logo"><a href="index.php"><img src="PATH.images/logo2.png" alt="" title="" width="198" height="95" border="0" /></a></div> –  Vinod Sep 13 '13 at 13:59
you need to use PATH as PHP variable. img src=<?php echo PATH;?>/images/logo2.png ... –  Martin Perry Sep 13 '13 at 14:29

The best way is:
If you are having common configuration file or if not then create it.

Define an Global variable for the image path:

define("IMAGE_PATH", "<image_path>");

Now you can you this "IMAGE_PATH" variable on files/application.
Benefit is when sometimes there is also minor changes, then need to check the whole application, but here you need to change this variable's value only.

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Set image path as $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].'/images'

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The problem is not only with images.

Any file which is called from external header.php is showing missing in internal directory.

I am again repeating my query.

I have two index.php files. One is at root directory: www.website.com/index.php

and another is inside a folder like: www.website.com/folder/index.php

My header is in root directory which calls other files which are in root directory itself. But Same header is used for index.php in "Folder". There it shows the missing files.

I hope I an not confusing you. But please do reply for the solution. Thanks

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