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I have the following array $foo

array(10) {
[0] => array(4) {

["merchantId"] => string(5) "12e21"
["programId"] => string(27) "ddd3333"
["networkId"] => int(4)
["clientId"] => int(178)
[1] => array(4) {

["merchantId"] => string(5) "112e1"
["programId"] => string(27) "2vfrdbv1&=10&tmfdpid=csss"
["networkId"] => int(4)
["clientId"] => int(178)
[2] => array(4) {

["merchantId"] => string(5) "112e1"
["programId"] => string(27) "2vfrdbv1&=10&tmfdpid=csss"
["networkId"] => int(4)
["clientId"] => int(178)

And I need an array of clientId's (only)

Is it possible to access just the clientId to create an array of id's without a loop?

Something like:

$foo['clientId']; //which doesn't work
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PHP 5.5's new array_column() function is used for precisely this purpose: There's a version of this function that can work with earlier versions available from github.com/ramsey/array_column –  Mark Baker Sep 13 '13 at 11:14

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In PHP 5.5:

$rgResult = array_column($foo, 'clientId');

in PHP <=5.5:

$rgResult = array_map(function($rgItem)
  return $rgItem['clientId'];
}, $foo);

(put <= since this, of cause, will work in 5.5 too)

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@AlmaDoMundo - nothing I meant this please check it. stackoverflow.com/questions/19634429/… –  imsiso Oct 28 '13 at 12:37
So what this question is to do with that? As do I? –  Alma Do Oct 28 '13 at 12:39

As an alternative to array_column()

$transpose = call_user_func_array(
$result = $transpose[array_search("programId", array_keys($data[0]))];

Which can be done as a one-liner in PHP5.5

$result = call_user_func_array('array_map',array_merge(array(NULL),$data))[array_search("programId", array_keys($data[0]))];

I'll confess, it's not exactly intuitive or readable though

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