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I have markup like this:


That obviously creates a horizontal table. Is is possible, using only CSS to make that table display with only 1 item on each row? The desired output is similar to a unordered list with no margin or bullet points.

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Why? (15 chars) – Tordek Dec 10 '09 at 3:56
Why not just, ya know, write the proper HTML notation? A list would be a better idea IMO if you want to use CSS to style it – OMG Ponies Dec 10 '09 at 3:56
It is for a competition where you aren't allowed to modify the HTML and the navigation is in a series of tables.... It sucks but $3000 is worth it. – Alec Gorge Dec 10 '09 at 4:05
I have no workaround for the IE issue. – cletus Dec 10 '09 at 10:38

I imagine this should do it:

tr, td { display: block; }

It'll probably break the table it's in though and it does seem like an odd thing to be doing.

Update: I can't get this (or any other technique) to work in IE8 (normal or compatibility mode). It just refuses to change the display of table cells. Very weird. Sorry, I have no workaround for this.

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Thanks, I have no idea why I didn't think of that. – Alec Gorge Dec 10 '09 at 4:04
I think @cletus should get at least 15% for helping :) – Doug Neiner Dec 10 '09 at 4:09
turns out this doesn't work in IE... any fixes? – Alec Gorge Dec 10 '09 at 6:03
I'm pretty sure there are no fixes -ie's rendering of tables when anything other than default positioning is applied is very buggy. Less so in ie8, but still not right. – wheresrhys Dec 10 '09 at 9:27
Okay. I found my own solution. I have posted it. It works IE7+. – Alec Gorge Dec 10 '09 at 22:16
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What I ended up doing is this:

HTML as above.


td { width:100%; float:left; }

It is surprisingly simple, yet it works really well.

The root cause of this problem is that IE says that tr and td are already block so using block has no effect. IE has no knowledge of the table-row, table-cell and table display modes.

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