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I have a db table (doctrine entity) that I use to store some editable settings for my app, like page title, maintenance mode (on/off), and some other things..

I can load the settings normally using the entity manager and repositories, but I think that's not the best solution...

My questions are: - can I load the settings only once at some kernel event and then access them the same way I access any other setting saved in yml config files..

  • how can I cache the database settings, so I would only do one DB query, and then in future page requests, it would use the cached values, instead of doing a DB query for each page request? (of course, everytime I change something in the settings, I would need to purge that cache, so the new settings could take effect)
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LiipDoctrineCacheBundle provides a service wrapper around Doctrine's common Cache (documentation) that allows you to use several cache drivers like filesystem, apc, memcache, ...

I would recommend loading your generic container-parameters/settings (like maintainance mode,...) from database in a bundle-extension or a compiler-pass.

route-specific settings (like page title, ...) could be loaded in a kernel event listener. You can find a list of kernel events here.

update/invalidate their cache using a doctrine postUpdate/postPersist/postRemove listener.

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