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In Sinatra, if you have a "GET /images/photo1.jpg" request... you can save a lot of time by making a "public" directory. Any route not found is assumed to be inside your "public" directory.

However this seems to work just for GET requests. Is there a way to do something similar for POST requests?


  • Turning on some static method?
  • Maybe forging an inner request?
  • Duplicating functionality?

Any ideas? Is this even a bug?

PS: I know it's not RESTful to ask for files in a POST request, unfortunately Facebook works that way.

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Facebook is far from RESTful, too bad they think their API is one. – LiraNuna Dec 10 '09 at 4:42

That sounds like something you should attack with rack middleware.

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Unfortunately I don't know enough Rack to do it. I cannot vendor either. What I did to fix my situation (not to answer this...) was switching to iframe. That way, my files are called by a GET. – eipipuz Dec 11 '09 at 2:10

The send_file helper is what you want.

send_file "/your/file.txt", {:filename=>"foobar.dat"}
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