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My project is a Database center ,like PLSQL but used in web browser,sometimes I need to create or alter a table,but I don't kown dose Mybatis support DDL ,and I haven't found any documents about this,is someone can help me ,Thank you!

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For the most part DDL works just like DML using mybatis. The one difference is that you will need to use ${} instead of #{} for parameters. Most databases do not support prepared statements with DDL. The $ notation is a string substitution rather than a parameter for a prepared statement.

<update id="exchangePartition" parameterType="java.util.Map">
    alter table ${destinationTableName} 
    exchange partition ${destinationPartitionName} 
    with table ${sourceTableName} 
    including indexes 
    with validation

It is also helpful to know the call syntax with the statement type callable to invoke stored procedures.

<update id="gatherStatistics" statementType="CALLABLE" parameterType="Map">
            ownname => #{tableOwner}, 
            tabname => #{tableName}
            <if test="partitionName != null">
                , partname => #{partitionName}
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MyBatis supports any native SQL/PlSql commands. So yes, it supports DDL statements.

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