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I am using Kendo UI mvc grid for Data listing. I am making InLine Editing in this Grid.I am using EditorTemplate for DateTime field, so that it will give datetimepicker for DateTime field in InLine Edit Mode.When i am going to Click on Update button, it will give me Validation message like this : 'The must be a date'

   columns.Bound(k => k.SevenDaysFrom).Format("{0:dd.MM.yyyy}").EditorTemplateName("DateTime").Width(30);
                            columns.Bound(k => k.SevenDaysTo).Format("{0:dd.MM.yyyy}").EditorTemplateName("DateTime").Width(30);

here DateTime in EditorTemplateName("DateTime") is the Template file i.e DateTime.cshtml And this file will contain the Following code :

@model DateTime?

@(Html.Kendo().DateTimePickerFor(m => m))

Now it will give the validation error message while clicking on Update.The Belowe attach is the Validation error :

enter image description here

So, why this is happening is not known to me? What is the solution for this ? Please Help.

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You should mention the data type in View Model

public Nullable<DateTime> SevenDaysFrom { get; set; }

and in kendo Grid you can mention like below,

columns.Bound(k => k.SevenDaysFrom).Format("{0:dd.MM.yyyy}")

refer my another answer Display only datepicker in kendo inline editing not datetime picker

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Set the kendo culture:

var culture = "en-GB";

<script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/kendo/cultures/kendo.culture." + @culture + ".min.js")"></script>

<script>  kendo.culture("@culture"); </script>
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