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Update via ajax seems to work fine but I can't get richfaces polling working. To be precise: output element with id someoutput2 doesn't get updated after 1000ms by a4j:poll element Here is the code of the page:

    <h:form id="baseForm">
        <h:outputText value="Input field"/>
        <h:inputText value="#{valueBean.value}"> 
            <f:ajax event="keyup" render="baseForm:someOutput"/> 
        <h:outputText value="Updated via AJAX:" style="color:red"/>
        <h:outputText id="someOutput" value="#{valueBean.value}" />

        <h:outputText value="Updated via Polling:" style="color:green"/>
        <!-- Polling target -->
        <h:outputText id="someOutput2" value="#{valueBean.value}" />

        <h:form id="pollForm">
           <a4j:poll id="poll" interval="1000" timeout="500" enabled="true" reRender="pollForm:poll baseForm:someOutput2"/>

Here is the code of the value bean (nothing fancy here):

public class ValueBean {
    private String value = "";

    public String getValue() {
        return value;

    public void setValue(String value) {
        this.value = value;
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You cannot update components such as <h:outputText> directly, you have to call the reRender on their parent. In this case you'd probably want to wrap the output in <a4j:outputPanel> and rerender the panel.

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