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I try to work with HTML and want to use HTML5 for playing back a video file. This isn't for a website, it's supposed to be a simple "GUI" on a PC using debian as OS.

One of the things I want to do is playing back video files, which are stored local. No need for a webserver in this case. Playing "normal" video files is not the problem, but I wan't to play back videos which aren't complete as the video is supposed to start playing (a few seconds after the first part of the video is saved). Video-data are saved by an application, which recieves the video-data from an external source.

I've tested it with a simple html-page (including the video-tag) and a mp4-file. Both times the exact length is shown in the control-bar of the video player, but it suddenly stops after several seconds (I think it's as long as the video was saved when the player started to play the file).

When I start the (not completed) video manually with a video application the whole video is shown.

My question: is it possible that only a small part of the video loaded by the browser (when it's needed) and it doesn't load the whole video at once?

Is there a possible (easy) solution using a webserver or maybe a flash application in the html-page?

I'm running my system on debian 7. I use the chromium (chrome) browser.

Thanks in advance!


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