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I want to make a simple html5 widget for iBooks that will open an embedded pdf in either Adobe Reader or Safari. I've been successful in getting the widget to open the pdf i put into the widget folder, BUT it opens the pdf within the widget window and you lose the ability to pinch and zoom. Well, you can zoom but it goes back to it's normal view the second you take your fingers off the screen.

To make the widget, I followed these instructions: http://blogs.princeton.edu/etc/2013/06/14/creating-an-html-widget-for-ibooks-author-to-embed-a-pdf-file/ It's nothing more than a folder that contains an html file, default.png, your PDF file, and a .plist file. Once you add .wdgt to the folder where they are all contained it becomes a widget that can be inserted into iBooks.

It uses this javascript code in the html file of the widget:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
window.location = “my_pdf_file_name.pdf“

I've tried using url schemes such as adobe reader's: com.adobe.Adobe-Reader. It will open reader but not the pdf file. Is there any code I can insert that will force open the pdf outside of ibooks? Any help is greatly appreciated. This is something my boss wants and I've wasted many hours trying to figure it out. Thanks.

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