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Hi am writing small app for posting twitts on twitter.com I manage to create statusbar icon next to clock and battery monitor, but now I am stacked...

I wanted to add menu item text area max length of 140 chars, (4-5 rows text input field) something like spotlight but multi-rows

(BTW I have got working class, to put and get twitts on twitter, and return its as a NSString, and it works)

Is it possible, or I have to implement my own "something" which appears, or I can use menu items

I add menuitems like this:

  menuItem = [menu addItemWithTitle:@"Menu Item Tilte"

 [menuItem setTarget:self];

next problem will be auto-generating menu items with followed twitts, but I think it won't be a problem (it is similar to wifi statusbar icon, which populates list automatically)

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Did you manage to receive keydowns in the textfield of your NSMenuItem? As the docs state, views attached as the menu item's view do not receive key press events :(. –  Raffael Nov 6 '13 at 17:26

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You can embed any NSView into a menu. See the -setView: method of NSMenuItem.

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