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On Camel 2.10.1, the following worked:

<camel:bean ref="profilingBean" method="addProfilingContext('TEST')"/>

The method in question takes a String parameter

Migrating to 2.10.6 , this does not work anymore, it tries to call TEST as another class. I have tried wrapping with ${} , trying to use exotic combinations of "& quot;" etc...

The only solution I found was to put the value in a header using constant language then call the header using simple. Obviously, this isn't very clean...

Do you have any ideas how to do this?


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Your solution with the header is fine. The bug you talk about should be fixed in 2.10.7, or 2.11.1 etc.

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We are using 2.11.1 and we invoke our bean using .bean(SomeClass.class, methodName(${headers}, 'someParameter') and we still get the warning Cannot find class: someParameter [qtp1584914072-29] [o.a.c.u.ObjectHelper] – Roman Vottner Nov 28 '13 at 15:32

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