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I'm trying to achieve this effect: http://codepen.io/chriscoyier/pen/wxdCD

I'm using SASS (.sass syntax) and haml, and while everything works with sass/haml in CodePen after I revise the code, it doesn't operate in the same way when I apply it to my app. I would like the boxes to float in a grid within the containing div #notecardContainer

Unfortunately I just joined and don't have a reputation score high enough to post a picture, which is rather counter-productive. But here's a link: Screenshot

Essentially, the boxes are appearing within the containing div #notecardContainer, but they are severely offset to the right by about 50% the width of the containing div #drawer Also, they are stacking vertically, not horizontally, and they don't flex with change in the screen size. I'm not sure why it works in CodePen but not in my code.

SASS: (NOTE: the indentation MAY not translate correctly to StackOverflow)

    width: 680px
    height: auto
    margin-left: auto
    margin-right: auto

    width: inherit

    position: relative
    z-index: 1
    overflow: hidden
    list-style: none
        position: relative
        float: left
        width: 300px
        height: 150px
        padding: 0
        border: 1px solid #000
        margin: 0 30px 30px 0
        background: #fff
            content: ''
            z-index: -1
            position: absolute
            left: auto
            right: 10px


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Can you post a link to your page? A screenshot doesn't really say what is going on with your code. –  Kstro21 Sep 13 '13 at 14:13
I'm working on it locally on a Rails app yet. Any chance you can detect a problem through the code alone? –  leidio Sep 14 '13 at 14:32
No way, everything looks ok in the code, so, i recommend you to use some html debugger that will help you, if you are using Mozilla, you can install Firebug, Google Chrome has its own built-in debugger. Using this tools you can make css and html changes on the fly and see the changes immediately. –  Kstro21 Sep 16 '13 at 15:56
Did you solve your problem? –  Kstro21 Sep 17 '13 at 19:58
Yes Kstro21 I did. I just tweaked it in Chrome using developer tools until I discovered what I needed to do. Thanks so much for that useful suggestion! –  leidio Sep 20 '13 at 1:21

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