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I am receiving an error when I attempt to upload an image. The image is always uploaded, but after every upload I receive this error:

Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in /filemanager/afmlib.php on line 57

Line 57 in my filemanager is:

 function AFM_fileExt($filename)
  return strtolower(end(explode('.', $filename)));////THIS IS LINE: 57

How can I fix this?

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rewrite it without trying to make the code in one line at any cost? – Your Common Sense Sep 13 '13 at 14:28

Why not let PHP do the work:

function AFM_fileExt($filename) {
    return strtolower(pathinfo($filename, PATHINFO_EXTENSION));

For the sake of completeness, this answer gives a good explanation of how the error arises. It's because end(array &$array) uses a reference - note the ampersand in the declaration.

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BTW your codes works for me.

And i dont know about it works but try this one

function AFM_fileExt($filename)
    $arr = explode('.', $filename);
    return strtolower(end($arr));
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