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I'm trying to receive the user_activated signal sent by django-registration when a user account is activated. Here is my signals.py

from registration.signals import user_activated

def receiver(sender, user, request, **kwargs):
    print 'received signal'

user_activated.connect(receiver, dispatch_uid='registration.signals.user_activated')

But when a user is activated the user_activated signal is sent twice. I know this because the output is

received signal
received signal

Multiple imports of signals.py shouldn't connect the signal receiver twice because I use a unique dispatch_uid, so why is the signal sent twice? Is it a problem with my code or a problem with django-registration (using the default backend)?

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The dispatch_uid just stops you from connecting to the same signal twice, but the problem is thatdjango-registration SENDS OUT the signal twice.

To fix it, apply this patch to registration/views.py and it should work.

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