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Java profilers like YourKit or JProfiler almost always do have a button which says "Perform GC". The actual text on that button doesn't matter for this question. Also when we take heap snapshots in these tools the JVM seems to be performing Garbage collection. But I know that System.gc() doesn't actually guarantee a garbage collection. So how do these profiler tools actually perform GC deterministically every time that special button is clicked or a heap snapshot is taken? Do they call some non java native methods internally to get around the limitation that System.gc() call doesn't force a GC every time ?

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The JVM exposes the JavaTM Virtual Machine Tool Interface, which allows debuggers, profilers and similar tools to have much more in-depth access to the inner working of the VM than your program can have (for good reasons, too).

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Considering the heap snapshot, the Full GC is performed everytime you take a heap snapshot. This is independent from what System.gc() would do. You just send a "collect heap snapshot" signal and the VM will do the work - which includes a Full GC.

Considering the Perform GC button, the profile will just call the System.gc() method. Although this is not reliable it usually works. See System.gc() vs GC button in JVisualVM/JConsole.

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