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i want to automate the backup process in my system. the existing procedure is, there will be a log file in SERVER1, every friday i need to move that log file to SERVER2 for backup.

currently we were using PSFTP(secure FTP) to move the files from one server to another server. and we have to use SFTP even in the new process.

what is the best way to automate this process? 1.like have a batch file where i can write all the commands and plan it to execute it on every Friday 2. have a Java program that can do this?

Or is there any way we can write a batch script which can invoke Putty PSFTP and move the files between the servers?

Both the servers are AIX servers.

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Please note that SFTP is NOT FTP, but "SSH File Transfer Protocol", see sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/SFTP for definition. –  Ulf Lindback Dec 10 '09 at 6:31
seems like you'd be better off using some command line tool to do this –  SeanDowney Dec 10 '09 at 7:41

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