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I am creating an app with a service, and I would like other apps to be able to interact with and extend it. I can think of two scenarios:

  1. another app wants to interact with the service
  2. someone develops a better version of the service that they would like my app to use instead of my built-in service

Most of the things that I have read about actions say that you should name your action something like com.mycompany.appname.CUSTOM_ACTION. However, I do not think I should put the actions in my own namespace since other developers might want their apps to be able to receive them. Instead, I think they should give them a more public name, like intent.action.CUSTOM_ACTION.

Is there a convention for naming public actions? Is it ok that I name my actions like intent.action.CUSTOM_ACTION, or is that a no-no?

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It's bad idea to give it generic names. It comes with your app and therefore you should stick to com.mycompany.appname.CUSTOM_ACTION namespace

share|improve this answer is a website that appears to allow developers to register intents that they want other applications to use.

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