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I want to pinch zoom a text from small to a very big font size. I got this working through hammer.js but I'm experiencing an issue when the fontsize gets big on iOS.

First few font-sizes are fine but after a certain size it starts flickering and updating slowly. This is my first touch enabled webapp experience so I have no clue in where this comes from. Anybody have some ideas? Any help would be appreciated!

This is the part where the font-size happens:

rect.style.fontSize = scale + 'em';

Scaling is bound to the transform event handled by hammer.js:

scale = Math.max(3, Math.min(last_scale * ev.gesture.scale, 350));

I have a fiddle with the problem right here: jsfiddle
(Use a touch enabled device, pinchzoom until the text gets big enough for the problem to occur)

Update: Font-sizes correctly (but more flickering) when I add this:

rect.style.display = "none";
rect.style.display = "block";
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