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I have a grid that has a date field.

When a json POST is made to the server, the data that's sent looks like this: "2013-09-13T16:40:34.301Z", and a PUT looks like this: "2013-09-13T04:00:00.000Z". So it looks like the same format, but the POST is including some screwy time value and the PUT some other screwy time value (neither of which are correct).

I want to only send the DATE. Anyone have any idea?

                model: {
                id: "ID",
                fields: {
                    ID: {
                        editable: false,
                        type: "number"

                    START_DATE: {
                        field: "START_DATE",
                        type: "date",
                        format: "{0:MM/dd/yyyy}",
                        validation: {
                            required: true
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Use the Data function (of the upload or create config) to send that date in a different format or use the parameterMap to change the existing format.

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