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Define a function which computes the sum of all the integers in a given list of lists of integers. No 'if-then-else' or any auxiliary function.

I'm new to to functional programming and am having trouble with the correct syntax with SML. To begin the problem I tried to create a function using pattern matching that just adds the first two elements of the list. After I got this working, I was going to use recursion to add the rest of the elements. Though, I can't even seem to get this simple function to compile.

fun listAdd [_,[]] = 0
|   listAnd [[],_] = 0
|   listAnd [[x::xs],[y::ys]] = x + y;
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fun listAdd [] = 0
  | listAdd ([]::L) = listAdd L
  | listAdd ((x::xs)::L) = x + listAdd (xs::L)

should do what it looks like you want.

Also, it looks like part of the problem with your function is that you give the function different names (listAdd and listAnd) in different clauses.

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How would I call this function? I tried listAdd ([4,5],[3,5]); and got type errors –  user2777383 Sep 13 '13 at 19:35
That's because ([4,5],[3,5]) is a pair of lists, not a list of lists, like you said. Try calling it on [[4,5],[3,5]]. If you want the sum of a pair of lists, not a list of lists, then you'll need a different function. If that is the case, I can update the answer to reflect that. –  qaphla Sep 13 '13 at 20:09

You probably don't want an int list list as input, but simply an int list * int list (pair of int lists). Besides this, your function seems to returns numbers rather than a list of numbers. For this you would use recursion.

fun listAdd (x::xs, y::ys) = (x + y) :: listAdd (xs, ys)
  | listAdd ([], _) = []
  | listAdd (_, []) = [] (* The last two cases can be merged *)

You probably want to read a book on functional programming fron the first page and on. Pick for example Notes on Programming in SML/NJ by Riccardo Pucella if you want a free one.

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