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I have a simple lead collection form that asks for the user's zip code on the first page, and then based on which state that zip code is in it sends them to the second page of my form with the zip code already populated, or to another site. In my pre-CodeIgniter days this was a very simple thing to do, but I'm not sure how to send the zip code data from my routing script to the second page of my form and not have it mess with CI's form validation. The second page of my form currently looks like this:

<input type="text" name="zip"value="<?php echo set_value('zip'); ?>" />

So if the user submits invalid data on the second page, the form reloads with all the data pre-populated (using CI's set_value function). But what needs to happen is something like...

IF the user comes from page 1 of the form, populate the zip code field using the data from form 1. ELSE, re-populate it after a failed form submit.

Is there some way for set_value to intelligently work in both situations? If not, do I need to use a different function? I'm also not sure how to pass the zip code data from my routing script to the controller for page 2 of the form.

I'd really appreciate any help. THANK YOU!!

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please create 2 views (1st form and 2nd one)

the logic is easy

show default view (1st view where user sets the state/zip or w/e) -> validation -> if true, set $data['zip'] and render 2nd view where this line should be (remember to not render also 1st one)

<input type="text" name="zip" value="<?= (isset($zip)) ? $zip : set_value('zip'); ?>" />

another aproach is to use $this->session->set_flashdata('zip', $zip_variable); and right after redirect() to the controller with 2nd view in it.

in controller somewhere (might be in construct or desired method) put this line which gets zip value from flash data (session variable for one use only)

if ($zip = $this->session->flashdata('zip')) $data['zip'] = $zip;

and now load 2nd view with $data parameter and use <input> from example above

$this->load->view('second_view', $data);

yet another aproach came in my mind, create your controller/method in a way that it accepts parameter (zip one)

public function page2($zip = FALSE) {
    if ($zip === FALSE) {
        //zip was not sent
    } else {
        $data['zip'] = $zip;

in page one after validation (validation == TRUE)


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