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I am trying to create a view in my rails app that does the following. It displays a specific instance of the model, and then has a link_to at the bottom saying next which when clicked continuously iterates through the rest of the instances of the models. Here is the model class that I am iterating over:

class Collection < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :active, :name
  has_many :shoes
  validates_uniqueness_of :active, :if => :active

  def self.active_collection

  def self.create_first_collection
    unless self.active_collection
      collection = Collection.create!(name: 'Fall 2013 Collection', active: true)
      shoes = Shoe.all

      shoes.each do |shoe|
        shoe.collection = collection

So say my relevant view is called my_relevant_view which has a partial called collection_partial. So in my view I do render collection_partial, locals: {collection: @collections.active_collection} which would successfully display my active collection on the first page. And then at the bottom of my_relevant_view I would have a link_to 'Next Collection' next_collection_path. I don't really understand how to set up the Next Collection link so that it iterates through Collection.all minus Collection.active_collection In a programmatic way. I mean, I could imagine writing something like @unactive_collections = Collection.all.delete(Collection.active_collection) in my controller. And then also in my controller have something like current_collection = @unactive_collections.first and then I could set the first link_to to current_collection but I don't know how to get the next collection in the list.

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