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There are hundreds of Java projects in my Eclipse workspace. All of these projects depend on an external JAR. When I made those projects, I never bothered to add a Javadoc location to this external JAR, but now I regret not doing that.

Is there a way to add Javadoc for this particular external JAR for multiple projects at once? This way I don't have to open properties and add the Javadoc location for each project.


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You can add that jar to a user library, and include that library for all projects. –  xfx Sep 13 '13 at 19:37

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I dont't know a way, but can tell a hack:

Open some of your .classpath files (in the root of each project). They probably all contain a <classpathentry> related to your JAR. Add the Javadoc location to one and check the change in the <classpathentry>; it will be something like:

        <attribute name="javadoc_location" value="jar:file:/path/to/javadoc.jar!/"/>

Mass replace the plain <classpathentry> with the enhanced one; DON'T FORGET TO BACK THINGS UP BEFORE DOING THIS :)

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