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I was wondering that would anyone please help me in setting up the IPython Qt Console start up location in WinPython? I think the way to do it in ipython is to modify the ipy_user_conf.py and add in os.chdir(my_path), however I could not find ipy_user_conf.py in WinPython.

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Locating configuration files

$ ipython locate

Startup files documentation

If you want some code to be run at the beginning of every IPython session with a particular profile, the easiest way is to add Python (.py) or IPython (.ipy) scripts to your <profile>/startup directory.

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Thanks! That worked. Sorry for this naive question :) –  Shawn Wang Sep 16 '13 at 0:58
Links are broken. Can you fix them? –  tuner Jan 25 at 21:02
@tuner Updated. –  Viktor Kerkez Feb 5 at 11:23

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