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I am trying to check if buttons has name attribute or not.The Following line is giving result correctly.


But the following code is giving an error like this-

"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'hasAttribute' of undefined "

The full code is here-

var course_view_buttons = document.getElementsByTagName("button");

var a=0;
for (x=0;x<=course_view_buttons.length;x++){


Please help me if anyone can.I am stuck in this for 4-5 hours. Thanks in advance.

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The problem is testing for less than or equal to in this expression:

x <= course_view_buttons.length

When x is set to the value of course_view_buttons.length in the final iteration of the loop, course_view_buttons[x] references points to an element that doesn't exist. This is because array indexes start at 0, but length values start at 1.

The solution is to remove the equals sign:

x < course_view_buttons.length
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Your for loop condition, change it to

for (x=0;x < course_view_buttons.length;x++){

           ^_________ There is no <= which will give undefined as you are out of array bounds.

Array index starts with 0.. length-1

So in your case for the last array iteration it tries to access

course_view_buttons[30].hasAttribute("name") when course_view_buttons[30] doesn't exist

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Thanks @PSL i didn't see it coming... – user2557992 Sep 13 '13 at 20:47

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