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So, I have a custom URL route that works fine in IE8, Chrome 29.0.1547.66 m, but not in Firefox using HTTPS.

In Firefox 23.0.1, the HTTP version of the URL sometimes works; in IE8 and Chrome both the HTTP and HTTPS version of the custom url works.

Any idea on what might be going on? Basically, if the user is logs in, the user is redirected back to the ori


if (Session[ExternalOrderIDFromBatchCsvLink] != null)
    string externalOrderID = Session[ExternalOrderIDFromBatchCsvLink].ToString();
    Session[ExternalOrderIDFromBatchCsvLink] = null;
    string refID = string.Empty;
    if (Session[RefIDFromBatchCsvLink] != null)
        refID = Session[RefIDFromBatchCsvLink].ToString();
        Session[RefIDFromBatchCsvLink] = null;
    return RedirectToRoute("orders", new { externalOrderID = externalOrderID, refID = refID });
    //return Redirect(Url.Content(string.Format("~/orders/{0}/REF/{1}/", externalOrderID, refID)));


// New URL Format: https://localhost/web/orders/O1325600000006/REF/1234/
    name: "orders",
    url: "orders/{externalOrderID}/REF/{refID}",
    defaults: new
        controller = "MyOrders",
        action = "ViewOrderByExternalOrderID"
    new string[]
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