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We have an analyzer which includes the synonym filter which is defined as follows:

        synonym_filter :
            type : synonym
            synonyms_path : synonyms.txt
            ignore_case : true
            expand : true
            format : solr

In the synonym file we have a synonym defined as follows:

dawdle,waste time

Then in our data we have an entity with a name field "dawdle company".

Because of the synonym filter this gets analyzed to something like:

1 -dawdle- 2 -company- 3
1 -wasted- 2 -time- 3

With time and company in the same position. Then when performing a search for "wasted time" we get a hit in this entity. We would like the highlights to be "dawdle" since that is the equivalent synonym, but it seems elastic search sees this as a two hits since it matched "wasted" and "time" and it returns two highlights: "dawdle" and "company".

Is there a recommended way to solve these kind of issues where an unexpected word is returned in the highlights because it occupies the same position of a search term that was inserted because of a synonym?

Thank you.

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What version are you using? –  femtoRgon Sep 13 '13 at 23:37
0.20.3 @femtoRgon –  user2430530 Sep 14 '13 at 1:16

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