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I have the following problem creating custom cell factory of a ComboBox from an FXML file created with Scene Builder in JavaFX: I created a custom cell factory of Labels. It works fine when the user clicks on the items. The y are displayed in the "button" area. But when the user wants to click on another items the previously clicked item is gone. Image of the disappeared item

Here is the code of the combobox cell factory:

idCardOnlineStatusComboBox.setCellFactory(new Callback<ListView<Label>, ListCell<Label>>() {
            @Override public ListCell<Label> call(ListView<Label> param) {
               final ListCell<Label> cell = new ListCell<Label>() {   
                    @Override public void updateItem(Label item, 
                        boolean empty) {
                            super.updateItem(item, empty);
                            if(item != null || !empty) {
            return cell;

I suppose there is a problem in the cell factory but i can't figure out where it is.

I extract the combobox from the fxml with this code:

@FXML private ComboBox idCardOnlineStatusComboBox;

then i fill the combobox with this:

            new Label(Resource.getStringFor("MainForm.Pane.MenuBar.Vortex.OnlineStatus.Online.Title"), new ImageView(onlineImg)),
            new Label(Resource.getStringFor("MainForm.Pane.MenuBar.Vortex.OnlineStatus.Away.Title"), new ImageView(awayImg)),
            new Label(Resource.getStringFor("MainForm.Pane.MenuBar.Vortex.OnlineStatus.DoNotDisturb.Title"), new ImageView(doNotDisturbImg)),
            new Label(Resource.getStringFor("MainForm.Pane.MenuBar.Vortex.OnlineStatus.Invisible.Title"), new ImageView(offlineImg)),
            new Label(Resource.getStringFor("MainForm.Pane.MenuBar.Vortex.OnlineStatus.Offline.Title"), new ImageView(offlineImg))
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is all your code here? Please, post a SSCCE where we can try and see the error. – Gianmarco Sep 13 '13 at 22:56
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The disappearing behavior may be a bug. You can file it to JavaFX Jira, and let the Oracle guys decide it further. Additionally you can investigate the ComboBox.setCellFactory(...) source code for the reason of this behavior and find workaround. But my suggestion is to use the ComboBox Cell's (ListCell) internal Labelled component, instead of yours:

public void updateItem(Label item, boolean empty) {
    super.updateItem(item, empty);
    if (item != null && !empty) {
    } else {

Note the else part of the code, cover all use cases when writing an if-statement.

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I will try it. Thank you! – I.Ruskov Sep 14 '13 at 16:23

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