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I have a list of days and time and I want to create a reminder for all days with time. Example : monday 10am 12am 15pm friday 10am 12am 15pm saturday 10am 12am 15pm every week. I know that an application can store 50 reminders but I think users open application before :D

I don't understand the logic in my mind tonight :( Please help me. Best regards

I have a list of days.Exemple : Monday Tuesday Saturday and i want a reminder for dat tree days all week.

private ObservableCollection<Day> _days;
        public ObservableCollection<Day> Days
            get { return _days; }
            set { _days = value; RaisePropertyChanged("Days"); }

Create reminder :

Reminder r = new Reminder("Time To Train!!!");
r.Content = AppResources.TimeToTrain;
r.BeginTime = //Here the problem;
r.ExpirationTime = //Here the problem //DateTime.Now.AddDays(52 * 7));
r.RecurrenceType = RecurrenceInterval.Weekly;
r.NavigationUri = new Uri("/View/MainPage.xaml", UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute);

I look this post for take some idea.Windows Phone 7 Reminders. I have a list of times.Exemple 10:14am 17:00pm.

private ObservableCollection<DateTime> _times;
            public ObservableCollection<DateTime> Times
                get { return _days; }
                set { _days = value; RaisePropertyChanged("Times"); }

I want to create reminder now for all times at all days. Reminder for monday at 10:14am and 17:00pm / Tuesday at 10:14am and 17:00pm / Saturday at 10:14am and 17:00pm

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Can you show us some example code and can you update your question with some more detailed info about your needs? –  Max Sep 13 '13 at 22:34
I add part of code.I needs just how i can create reminder for specifics days and times. –  MatDev8 Sep 13 '13 at 23:22
So...nobody have a logic answer for my problem :( –  MatDev8 Sep 14 '13 at 19:23

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So let's say you want to create a reminder for 12 AM Monday. I'd first create a method to find out first "occurrence" of Monday in the future, something like this:

private DateTime getFirstDate(DayOfWeek day, TimeSpan time)
            DateTime date = DateTime.Today;
            while(date.DayOfWeek != day)

            return new DateTime(date.Year,date.Month,date.Day,time.Hours,time.Minutes,time.Seconds);

And then use it in your code like this:

r.BeginTime = getFirstDate(DayOfWeek.Monday, new TimeSpan(12,0,0));

It only creates a reminder for the closest Monday, but you can do the same thing when this reminder is triggered- create one for the next Monday.

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