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When I do a build at Heroku, for my node.js app, It replies back with the following messages.

enter image description here

It says Push rejected, failed to compile Node.js app
However, I have pushed all dependencies in code itself. Why is the build failing?

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The build is failing because node-waf isn't in your path. You can check if you have the path configured properly by running which node-waf.

node-waf has actually been superseded by node-gyp, but you can still install it. It goes under the name nodejs-dev on some package managers.

You might also already have the package on your system. I suggest looking in /usr/local/bin. If the binary is there, then you can add a system shortcut for access.

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Yup. That was the case ! –  Om Shankar Oct 7 '13 at 8:54

Please post your package.json. You are including some very old packages, that require node-waf instead of node-gyp. If you remove the version numbers from those packages, it will probably work.

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