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I am working on adding a wish list feature to a website developed in Drupal which is based on PHP. Users should be able to add products to a wish list. Ideally this would be implemented by storing the wish list in a session variable. The problem is that the current website caches pages in varnish, which means that it is not possible to use sessions at a site level.

Someone suggested that a possible solution would be to make an exception in Varnish for certain url paths (e.g. don't cache pages using /wishlist/* path). That way we will be able to start and use session on such pages. That way we could add products to the wishlist by making a call to /wishlist/something from other pages.

However, the question is how to persist the wishlist when the user goes to a cached page? For example the user goes to the home page. I am under the understanding that a Session cookie will still be stored in the client browser when user goes to the cached pages and that I would only be able to use this cookie in PHP for wishlist pages only (e.g. Pages using path "/wishlist") and in Javascript.

This is all great theory, but how could this be practically implemented? After a lot of searching i have not been able to find a practical example of how to do this. I would be greatful for away suggestions.

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It actually is the other way round: If you use sessions, you cannot use caching anymore. With exceptions in the URL, you could provide a session-based Ajax application that gets individual responses from there - anything else is still cached. –  Sven Sep 14 '13 at 0:59

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