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I try to create a MIDlet that provides a publically availabe service but the code below is not enough. The service is on (no exceptions) but stil not discowerable.

public StreamConnection waitForConnection() throws IOException {

    if (this.notifier == null) {
        // Create a server connection (a notifier)
        this.notifier = (StreamConnectionNotifier) Connector.open(serviceURL);
    return this.notifier.acceptAndOpen();

the url is contructed as follows

private final static String serviceURL = "btspp://localhost:" + servieceUUID +
        ";name=" + serviceName + ";authenticate=false;master=false;encrypt=false";

After some googling i found that a code like this hould help:

        final ServiceRecord sr = LocalDevice.getLocalDevice().getRecord(this.notifier);
        //Public browse group UUID
        final DataElement element = new DataElement(DataElement.DATSEQ);
        element.addElement(new DataElement(DataElement.UUID, new UUID(0x1002)));
        sr.setAttributeValue(0x0005, element);

but first it doesn't solve the problem and second i've got no idea what it actually does.

I use Nokia E70.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.

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What type of service are you trying to create? What is doing the discovering? Have you written the code which tries to discover it? –  funkybro Dec 10 '09 at 10:01

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Did you try to use setDiscoverable method?

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Jup - simply forgot to put it in a code sample bu it's there :) –  Łukasz Bownik Jan 4 '10 at 13:46

I know this question is really old, but I just ran into it and after a day of beating my head against the wall, I found the solution.

You need to set the service class ID of the service to something known:

ServiceRecord sr = LocalDevice.getLocalDevice().getRecord(service);
DataElement de = new DataElement(DataElement.DATSEQ);
DataElement uuid = new DataElement(DataElement.UUID, new UUID("1101",false));
sr.setAttributeValue(0x0001, de);

UUID 0x1101 is a serial device (I chose this arbitrarily) and attribute 0x0001 is the service class ID attribute.

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