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I was able to install the GUI tools called "Cassandra-Cluster-Admin-master" on the windows.

Before I install the GUI, I create the column family with following code:

create column family user with comparator=UTF8Type
and column_type = Standard
and default_validation_class=UTF8Type and key_validation_class=UUIDType
and column_metadata=
{column_name: username, validation_class: UTF8Type, index_type: KEYS},
{column_name: email, validation_class: UTF8Type},
{column_name: userBrief, validation_class: UTF8Type},
{column_name: jobNumber, validation_class: UTF8Type, index_type: KEYS}

And here is the picture from the GUI on the basic info of the user columnfamily. index in the user

But when I want to edit specific row, there is some error info like this: error info But the key is displayed here. I do not understand the difference between the key and rowKey. Is there anyone face the same problem? Any feedback will be appricated.

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It's probably because your web interface does not pass the key UUID to the back-end, or there is some bug in the back-end. Just try to run in debug mode and check whether the key UUID is passed correctly to the DAO layer – doanduyhai Sep 14 '13 at 7:21

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