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I am trying to split the line have space and text enclosed.. I am not getting proper output

$line = '"name" "Brand" "EAN"   "shipping" "Combinable"';
$lineArray = preg_split('/^\"\s+\"/', $line);
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You don't need to escape the quotes, and your split is incorrect anchored at the beginning of the string. Try this:

$line = '"name" "Brand" "EAN"   "shipping" "Combinable"';
$lineArray = preg_split('/"\s+"/', $line);

Note that this causes the first element to start with a quote, and the last element to end with a quote. To keep the quotes, use assertions:

$lineArray = preg_split('/(?<=")\s+(?=")/', $line);

This produces a $lineArray like (note how it kept the quotes):

Array ( [0] => "name" [1] => "Brand" [2] => "EAN" [3] => "shipping" [4] => "Combinable" )
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right!.. thanks... getting result – B L Praveen Sep 14 '13 at 4:43
+1 I like your style. – pguardiario Sep 14 '13 at 11:36

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