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I have an angularjs app and would like the homepage to depend on the logged in status of the user.

Im looking for something like the following to happen:

  1. When I goto use 'resolve' to perform an HTTP GET with a server to check if logged in.
  2. If the user is not logged in resolve the promise from 1) and show some generic splash screen. For example, templateUrl: splash.html
  3. If the user is logged in then fetch additional data from the server. Once the data has been returned then resolve the promise from 1) and show a page specific for this user. For example, templateUrl: loggedin.html

In either case, the URL should not change. ie: I do no want to redirect to another route. The URL should always be

How can I have a dynamic page like this without using any redirects?

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Have a look @, its the best example app I've found so far for dealing with the user authorization rabbit hole.

For a quick start with getting your head around how user auth works in angular-app, have a look at these 3 files:

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