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Let's say I have following database:

Company (name, sector) has many Products (name, price)

I would like users of my Rails website to be able to add new companies along with their products. So the form would look like:

Add new company
Name: [       ]
Sector: [       ]

Product 1:
  Name [       ]
  Price [       ]

Product 2:
  Name [       ]
  Price [       ]

Product 3:
  Name [       ]
  Price [       ]

Ideally users would be able to add as many products at once as required (auto expanding list?). How can I program that in Rails?

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Try Nested Form - This is a Rails gem for conveniently manage multiple nested models in a single form (c)

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I tried both Nested From and Cocoon and both are fine. I recommend using Cocoon as it gave more control over how new items are created which I needed at the time because of single table inheritance.

In general you may want to have multiple 'Add' buttons/links for creating model views that have slightly different model attribute values. eg Add Product vs Add Service or for phone numbers, like 'add mobile/cell vs add land/fixed line'.

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