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I am trying to paginate a blog using Laravel 4, i have successfully used Post::all(); and then passing that as an array back to the controller. My problem is that in my controller i call a model function which goes through the array and parses custom tags to html tags which looks like this:

public static function parseContent($content)

    $find    = array('~\[image="(https?://.*?\.(?:jpg|jpeg|gif|png|bmp))"\](.*?)\[/image\]~s');
    $replace = array('<div class="asset"><img src="$1" alt="$3" class="image" /></div>');
    return   preg_replace($find, $replace, $content);


So i tried just adding ->paginate(1); to Post::All() which didn't work so i tried Post::where('content', '!=', '')->paginate(1); which seems to work, now ->ToArray(); stopped working and i get the error "Indirect modification of overloaded element of Illuminate\Pagination\Paginator has no effect"

My question is why do i get this error? and is the paginate function parsed as an array automatically?

Please, tell me if you need to see more of the code.

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Was trying to save the content into the array again with $posts[$post]['content'] and this was what caused the error, i used $post->content; instead and it now works.

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