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I'm just starting with Dojo, and I'm really impressed with the amount and quality of all the modules. Coming from AngularJS however, I find the two-way data binding of Dojo's MVC a bit lacking.

Is there really no way to subscribe to a Dojo Object Store, have a loop in a template to iterate over the items in the store and having the view update automagically when items are added/removed? The example tutorial uses dojo/store/Observable to implement this cumbersome logic:

results.observe(function(item, removedIndex, insertedIndex){
    // this will be called any time a item is added, removed, and updated
    if(removedIndex > -1){
    if(insertedIndex > -1){
        insertRow(item, insertedIndex);
}, true);
function insertRow(item, i){ ... }
function removeRow(i){ ... }

In AngularJS you would do something like this:

<li ng-repeat="item in results">

So do I have to choose between Dojo's extensive widget and modules collection and AngularJS's straight-forward templating with two-way data binding?

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What are you using Dojo for? What sort of app? I used Dojo in the past, then Dojo + Angular, then got rid of Dojo and was very happy :-). Get rid of Dojo if you can. –  Andrew Joslin Sep 14 '13 at 15:24

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First of all, congrats on coming over to the Dojo side. Yes AngularJS is extremely convenient for 2 way data bindings, but you'll soon find out that as an application grows more complex, you'll be needing the help of the powerful (and numerous) Dojo / Dijit / Dojox modules.

You are right dojo/Observable currently provides binding via store in Dojo. It can really achieve the same power as AngularJS. Checkout dgrid examples for a demo.

For convenience, a module has been made for binding in a format similar to Angular JS. Its called dbind. It can be used independently currently and will soon be integrated into Dojo's core. You should also check dojox/mvc/Bind

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