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I have been running the following command line and has been working fine. Then without warning it has stopped and failes to execute.

exec("$path_to_php $emailer $digest_sub_security_var \"$vid_menu\" \"$image_menu\" \"$article_menu\" $media_query_lmt_v $media_query_lmt_i $media_query_lmt_a > /dev/null &");

I think (but can not be sure) that it's something to do with the following \"$vid_menu\" \"$image_menu\" \"$article_menu\"

These items are image thumnails, titles, descptions in text and urls

How can I get the command line to work consistently.

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Try to log your application when it is running for understading the problem.

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Im very new to programming. ow do I go about logging? –  Ruf1 Sep 14 '13 at 13:09

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