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I have got 1000 KByte/s download and 150 KByte/s upload speed at home internet. Several persons and devices are using this connection. I want to implement a rule which gives specific LAN IP addresses a minimum bandwith for uploading and downloading. So that if there is no traffic these devices can get the full bandwith but get slowed down when there is another device sending some traffic.

So for example if there are 2 computers downloading/uploading some files, both have at least 300 KByte/s download and 50 KByte/s upload and the remaining 700 KByte/s download and 50 KByte/s upload are shared.

I already tried with IPTables on IPFire but wasnt able to make it work.

Is this possible with iptables or are there some easy solutions?

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Welcome, You can put your iptables related questions on serverfault.com –  fujy Sep 14 '13 at 12:45
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