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I am using the built in email confirmation mechanism :

WebSecurity.CreateUserAndAccount(username, password, requireConfirmationToken: true);  

When login is performed:

WebSecurity.Login(username, password);  

The method will fail if the user has not confirmed his email yet. I want to change this behavior so that WebSecurity.Login() will pass, and I will have the control on when to fail the login process (say, about x number of days).

Is there a way to hook up into this process ?
(It would be great if I can still use WebScurity and not revert to a lower level API).

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There is no predefined process, you have to define it yourself. (WebSecurity will never send emails by itself.)

The simplest options would be to pass requireConfirmationToken: true as in your example and store the returned value (the confirmation token) for later. When you consider it appropriate (after x days or after following an emailed link or whatever you want) call WebSecurity.ConfirmAccount with the stored token. From that point on Login will work.

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But the problem is that I want WebSecurity.Login() to pass, even if the user has yet confirmed his email. –  Yaron Levi Sep 14 '13 at 20:42
Then simply pass requireConfirmationToken: false or call WebSecurity.ConfirmAccount immediately after creating the account. –  typesafe Sep 16 '13 at 13:38

Checkout this http://www.asp.net/single-page-application/overview/templates/backbonejs-template, it has full user registration flow that you are looking for.

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