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I am looping thru a JSON object and I want to set clicks on fields based on a function named in the JSON Object. The function called will by window[] will be parameterised instead of hardcoded.

           for (var key in JSONOBJ) {

               func = window["minRule"](this);

               $('#'+ key).click(func);


The function being called is

function minRule(elem){



and I want it applied to

<input type='text' name='FIELDINJSONOBJECT' id='FIELDINJSONOBJECT'/>

However when I refresh the page the function is being called for some reason and hasnt binded to the click. Also the alert( is returning undefined. How do I pass this as the parameter to a function called with window[$FUNCTIONAME]

Regards, Tom

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I think what you are looking for is

$.each(JSONOBJ, function(key, value){
    $('#'+ key).click(function(){

In your case you are invoking the function minRule in the loop with parameter this where it points to the current functions scope and the value returned by it (in this case undefined as the click handler), that is the reason it is not working

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