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I've installed:

  • Ruby dev kit
  • Msysgit
  • Added virtualbox to path environment variable
  • Downloaded the repository on github
  • Went to the unzipped location with powershell
  • Ran 'bundle install' in powershell

Returned: The term 'bundle' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet

How do I proceed?

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I did the following and it worked for me to the point that I was able to get veewee to run . i still have to find a way to fix the file encodings part yet (See issue 805 in the veewee github issues list )

I had vagrant 1.27 as well as VirtualBox installed before

I had to do a gem install bundle and then had to do a bundle install

I also had to do a gem install vagrant

I had to close my command prompt and open a new one and then things worked

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If you have msysgit, you should open a bash shell. Make sure that you have ruby installed and usable from the bash shell. After that first do a "gem install bundle". Then you should be able to do "bundle install".

I got it working in Cygwin, which was an environment I'm more comfortable with.

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