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Let's assume I have a multidimensional array like this:

  [ "EUR", "€" ],
  [ "USD", "$" ],
  [ "GBP", "£" ]

What is the most efficient way in Ruby to retrieve a currency symbol by providing a currency code?

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why trivial Hash[CURRENCIES]["EUR"] is not good enough? – okliv Sep 14 '13 at 13:57
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convert it to hash:

currencies_hash = Hash[CURRENCIES]

and then get what you need:

currencies_hash["EUR"] #=>"€"

i don't know if it is most efficient (for memory usage or CPU Time or ?..) but Ruby-style elegant enough =)

and if you can define CURRENCIES as a hash then you do not need an array

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Good idea, thanks a lot for your help. – Tintin81 Sep 14 '13 at 14:35

Not sure if you need to convert those nested arrays into a hash programmatically, but if you do, here's how you would do that.

def hash(a)
   h = {}
   a.each { |x| h[x[0]] = x[1] }

CURRENCIES = hash(your_array)
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