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I am wondering if it's possible to test any web page with the angular scenario tester (and karma).

Or is it designed to only work with angular source code?

In other words, is it generic an not 'really' tied to angular?

I am writing an angularJs app with yeoman and I like the way e2e testing is done thanks to ngResource.

I have another app, not written in angular, but in dojo and I would like to test it the same way.

Do you think it is possible and if yes what would be your advice on how to do it?

Thank you!

Note : actually the tested web page has some angular code in it or not, so the question makes sense. Tools such as casperJs, or selenium are independent from what js technology is in the page.

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So it is easily feasible. You just need

1/ to install karma

npm install -g karma

2/ Install dependencies for ng-scenario and karma-ng-scenario

npm install ng-scenario

npm install karma-ng-scenario --save-dev

3/ Create / Modify the karma e2e configuration if a proxy is needed. It's the case generally as dojo runs on a different server than karma. So you specify a specific port for karma and you proxy to your server. Here is an example of my configuration:

module.exports = function(config) { config.set({ // base path, that will be used to resolve files and exclude basePath: '',

// testing framework to use (jasmine/mocha/qunit/...)
frameworks: ['ng-scenario'],

// list of files / patterns to load in the browser
files: [

// list of files / patterns to exclude
exclude: [],

// web server port
port: 8033,

runnerPort : 9100,

// level of logging
// possible values: LOG_DISABLE || LOG_ERROR || LOG_WARN || LOG_INFO || LOG_DEBUG
logLevel: config.LOG_INFO,

// enable / disable watching file and executing tests whenever any file changes
autoWatch: false,

// Start these browsers, currently available:
// - Chrome
// - ChromeCanary
// - Firefox
// - Opera
// - Safari (only Mac)
// - PhantomJS
// - IE (only Windows)
browsers: ['Chrome'],

// Continuous Integration mode
// if true, it capture browsers, run tests and exit
singleRun: false,

// Uncomment the following lines if you are using grunt's server to run the tests
proxies: {
   '/': 'http://localhost:8080/'
}, //    URL root prevent conflicts with the site root
urlRoot: '_karma_'   }); };
  1. You run karma with the end to end configuration
karma start karma-e2e.conf.js

Magic, the following code works - happy testing :)

describe ( 'Publications', function ()
   beforeEach (
      function ()
         console.log ( "before each" );
         browser ().navigateTo ( "yourPageToTestUrl" );

   it ( 'should filter results', function ()
      expect ( repeater ( '.Publication' ).count () ).toEqual ( 4 );
   } );

} );
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Note that some test code will work (such as counting elements), some other will not (such as setting an input not reared by Angular).

Here is a tool that tries make ngScenarios work with any JS tool : http://davidb583.github.io/BlackboxJS

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